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Capitol Couture update

Now it works!

Thanks to o-c-e-a-n-girl for the heads up!

Nothing online yet but you can subscribe to a notification when the Issue #1 will launch. You may want to revisit some of your earlier password attempts as the password that worked for me today clearly did not work 24 hours ago. stayunnoticed also tried the password before and confirms that it did not work before.

The fact that there is nothing online yet, and the same password that works now did not work for me yesterday just underlines my suspicion that the site was simply not ready for public and rejected every password.

Looking back at the tag in tumblr the timeline is pretty evident. Before my post there are only posts guessing the password and trying to work it out. After I publish my rant that the authentication scripts show that the site is unfinished suddenly the password is out and works. And yes, the site is unfinished: there is only a single page of content once you enter the magic key.

It was a marketing hype to create excitement and keep people guessing on forums and blogs. I applaud the promotion on tumblr, but I can’t help to think that keeping people guessing at a password that is disabled just to create buzz and excitement is unfair.

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    YES, THE BOTH OF US HAD CONFIRMED ON THIS ONE. I just hope that everyone will know that we’d been scammed or something.....
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